Lounge and Bedroom Chairs

All of our Care Home Lounge and Bedroom chairs are constructed from solid beech and are upholstered in a wide range of fabrics & vinyls which all conform to BS5852 Ignition Source 5 and BS7176 Medium Hazard. All cover materials used are treated to resist infections such as C.diff, MRSA & E.coli

Cara Chair

cara Easy Chair

Rio Chair

Rio Easy Chair

Bari Chair

Bari Easy Chair

Charlbury Chair

Charlbury Easy Chair

Benton Chair

Benton Chair

Benton Sofa

Benton Sofa

Lotus High Back Curved Chair

Lotus curved Chair

Lotus High Back Chair

Lotus high Chair

Lotus Low Back Chair

Lotus low Chair

Milford Chair

Milford Easy Chair Full Spec

Milford 2-seater Sofa

Milford Easy 2 seater sofa

Juno Chair

Juno Easy Chair

Rowan High Back Sofa

Rowan high back sofa

Rowan High Back Chair

Rowan high back chair

Athens Sofa

Athens Sofa